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Krut: The Himmaphan Warriors (Khmer)
Language  :  Khmer
Subtitle  :  None
Formats  :  2D
Classification  :  TBC
Running Time  :  Not Available
Genre  :  Animation, Action, Adventure
Opening Date  :  21 March 2019
Distributor  :  Sabay MVP
Cast  :  Rong Kaomoonkadee, Nadech Kugimiya
Director  :  Chaiporn Panichrutiwong
When the War between the majestic Garuda and the monstrous Raksod burst into a wide-spread annexation all over the ancient world, the last soldiers of Garuda have the courageous Himmaphan Warriors joining their alliance. Together, they have to fight against the brutal annihilation from the cold-hearted creatures that want to conquer the world.